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Note from Choreographer Jon Ole Olstad & performer Leslie Plummer:

SHE SAID was commissioned by AFF and draws its inspiration from the evocative and haunting cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by the profoundly emotional artist Tori Amos. This reinterpretation transforms the raw energy of the original grunge anthem into a poignant piano ballad, rich with nuanced emotion and introspective depth.The choreography captures the essence of transformation, lyrical complexity and underlying themes of disillusionment, rebellion, and introspection that permeate the song.

FINALLY ITS EVERYTHING: This dance delves into the realization of self-denigrating habits and the loss of long-held self-expectations, conveyed through fragmented movements, collapsing and contorting into knots of self-sabotage, finally discovering to a way to free herself and begin anew.

Note From Filmmaker Jaco Strydom: CHASING THE LIGHT explores two mediums: a live dance performance and its adaptation into film within the awe-inspiring backdrop of Joshua Tree. It provides a unique perspective into dance as it is integrated into the natural environment that initially inspired the project.

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Note from the Lyonesse Directors: Penelope Skinner’s LYONESSE presents us with two realities: The world that is, and the world that could be. In the world of LYONESSE the play, Skinner conjures lives lost. She presents the oft-overlooked stories of women silenced by mendacious men and a society quick to judge those who fall prey to them. In the world of Lyonesse the place, Skinner offers an alternative vision: a safe, creative world where needs and desires are heard – near-mystical place where a soul’s longing might be cradled, cultivated, nurtured. She invokes Mary Oliver’s beloved poem Wild Geese, calling forth this new possibility. When the world is breaking our hearts, we often turn to this poem. We share it here for you.

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